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  Downloading squidGuard


Before you start downloading and installing squidguard make sure that you have the following software installed:
  • Bison
  • Flex
  • Berkeley DB V.2.7.7, V3.2.x or 4.x (original site: www.oracle.com/database/berkeley-db/index.html).
    Annotation: Berkeley DB version 4.7 gives error messages during compilation. Up to version 4.6 the compilation runs fine.
  • A C compiler like GCC

Source Code

Fetch the sourcecode package:

Installing SquidGuard

Quick way:

Unpack the source
run ./configure
run make
run make install

Please find details about the installation and the installation options in the Documentation part of this site.

SquidGuard v.1.3 is reported to install and run smoothly on the following operating systems:
  • Gentoo on 32Bit Intel Celeron
  • Gentoo on 64Bit AMD Opteron
  • Solaris 2.8
  • OpenBSD 3.8
  • Netbsd 4.0.1

Bugs and Bugfixes

If you run into a bug and know the fix, please submit it to sg-bugs (at) squidguard.org. It will be included, tested and make available as soon as possible.
Please check our bug tracker if the bug is already known.

Current source
Older versions

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