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Welcome to squidGuard

SquidGuard is a URL redirector used to use blacklists with the proxysoftware Squid. There are two big advantages to squidguard: it is fast and it is free. SquidGuard is published under GNU Public License.

Current version: 1.3

  • Included configurable logging.
  • Progress bar when compiling blacklists.
  • Full sed compliance for rewrite statements.
  • Blocking of urls with hostnames.
Some more details about features and bug fixes can be found on the 1.3 feature page.

Available patches for version 1.3:
  • Patch-20071117: Fixes a problem with the progress bar creating too much output when run in an cronjob or similar. See the Readme file for details about applying the patch.

Planned for version 1.4:
  • Authentication against mysql database.
  • Configurable default behaviour.
  • Further enhancements and bug fixes.

Please find all information about installing and configuring squidGuard in the Documentation section.

For tips, hints and questions the squidGuard mailinglist is available. This mailinglist is moderated. If you want to subscribe to the squidGuard list please use: http://www.shalla.de/mailman/listinfo/squidguard

About squidGuard

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